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LPoutdoors Outdoor Exhibition Tent And Aluminum Display Truss Made A Successful Food Festival Event

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Recently, outdoors tent industry participated in a large party.It is the 2018 Guangzhou International Food Festival co-sponsored by Guangzhou municipal government and Chinese Cuisine Association and undertaken by PanYu district government.This food festival continues to use the theme of “Taste thousands of years of commercial food culture, Shows Guangzhou food exhibition of the city style”.A total of 290 booths were set up.The tent,truss,stage and other figures that we are familiar with can be seen everywhere in the scene.They make Food Festival look colorful.So let’s enjoy the charm of our outdoor products in the Food Festival.

Aluminum Truss Display Center

The center stage of the food festival uses aluminum truss construction, surrounded by lights, for the opening and closing of the food festival daily performance activities.


Truss Trade Show Display Store

There are some businesses using aluminum truss booth in the Food Festival.Its advantage is to build easily and fast, wide internal space,and the top can be set up eye-catching signs and lights which help the foodies lock the target remotely.


20m Big Outdoor Exhibition Party Tent

This food festival security gate,headquarters,souvenir boutique and other special venues structures, are using big party tents.Tents span up to 20 meters.There are no columns in the middle, so the space is so spacious to hold more people,which has good ventilation.The top of the tent is decorated with colorful strips of cloth, which is very gorgeous and high-end and can prevent damage to merchant from sudden change in the weather such as wind and rain.



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