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  • LP Outdoors Provided High-quality Commercial Disaster Tent for Medical Isolation


    LP Outdoors provided high-quality commercial disaster tent for medical isolationCoronaviruses are now being upgraded worldwide, the hospital is the most critical point, but if no enough isolation room, how to save more people’s lives? LP Outdoors company provided a solution with many medical tents Read More

  • Hospital Medical Tent for Coronavirus Aid


    During the fight against the novel coronavirus, LPoutdoors' outdoor portable camouflage medical tent was widely used. Hospitals across the country have set up tents at the entrances. The outdoor mobile and easy-to-set camouflage medical tents are used as outpatient diversion crowds and are specially treated for feverish crowds. At the same time, the outdoor portable camouflage medical tent is also used as a warehouse in the centralized isolation area. We store a lot of materials in the tent for the novel coronavirus, such as masks, goggles, and gloves. Read More

  • A Large Outdoor Camouflage Army Military Camping Tent Make A Big Room For CS Game


    Outdoor field combat CS activities are becoming more and more popular among people, as a leisure and entertainment, or exercise is a good choice. But the game is outdoors, it often affected by the weather or emergencies.Recently, an outdoor camping actual combat activity place saw LPoutdoors aluminu Read More

  • Waterproof Heavy Duty Camouflage Army Military Tent Set A Place For Outdoor Camping


    Tents have become popular in recent years for wedding and outdoor activities, both of which are popular. But tents aren't just for these events. LPoutdoor tents are designed to meet your needs and needs.Recently, we were approached by an outdoor camp to set up a customized tent according to their c Read More

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