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Hospital Medical Tent for Coronavirus Aid

Views: 48     Author: LPOutdoors Tent     Publish Time: 2020-03-05      Origin: camouflage medical tent Inquire

2020 is a special year. At the beginning of 2020, all Chinese people face a challenge. The name of this challenge is the novel coronavirus. The speed and spread of novel coronavirus are very serious. At this time, all Chinese people are united to fight the epidemic.

LPoutdoors As top one of the members of the Chinese tent industry, we also have a great responsibility. In 2019, LPoutdoos launched outdoor portable and easy to build camouflage medical tents. This outdoor mobile and easy to build camouflage medical tent is easier than traditional building hospitals

Build. At the same time, this tent can also be set up on any open space, quickly describing a safe and wind-resistant environment, which is very convenient for treating patients or storing supplies.

hospital medical tent

During the fight against the novel coronavirus, LPoutdoors' outdoor portable camouflage medical tent was widely used. Hospitals across the country have set up tents at the entrances. The outdoor mobile and easy-to-set camouflage medical tents are used as outpatient diversion crowds and are specially treated for feverish crowds. At the same time, the outdoor portable camouflage medical tent is also used as a warehouse in the centralized isolation area. We store a lot of materials in the tent for the novel coronavirus, such as masks, goggles, and gloves.

The epidemic is ruthless, but there is love over the world. China will win, and LPOutdoors is fighting with you who are in the front line.

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