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    LP OUTDOORS is a professional tents company in China, The tents including party tent, pagoda tent, pole tent, frame tent, wedding tent ,high peak tent, star tent, folding tent, pop up canopy, gazebo tents Read More

  • LPoutdoor Customized Pagoda Tent For SMIRNOFF VODKA WINE Event


    When your company wants to host a large event and needs a tent,LPoutdoors is your trusted manufacturer.These is 6*6 meter pagoda tent photos that we made for SMIRNOFF VODKA WINE event. Each tent is connected by rain gutter . Except can print logo on edge ,also can print on roof cover ,sidewall ect.L Read More

  • How Can You Choose The Customized Outdoor Aluminum Exhibition Tent


    When you need a tent, you don’t want just any tent. You want a great shelter that will do all needful for you. You want a tent that is the right size for your group. We’ve got all Big tents, Small tents & In-between tents , You may even want an long lasting solution for long run storage. LP Tents gi Read More

  • Where Can Small Alumium Party Tent For Outdoor Restaurant Be Set Up


    Cooperation project: A high-end foreign hotel plans to build an outdoor restaurant in its garden to provide customers with different dining services.Lpoutdoors provided 5*12m and 6*12m small restaurant tents! For high-end hotels, in addition to regular indoor restaurants, many hotels plan to create Read More

  • We Held A Sport Competition With Aluminum Outdoor Large Event Tent


    Every year, many sports events are held around the world.Over the past five years, tent usage has been increasing at these sporting events.This is because of the portable and easy installation of the tent, which has been recognized.LP outdoors offers a 20×60m dining tent for a tennis match, the tenn Read More

  • 30x90m Outdoor Party Tent For Conference Event Is A New Style Of Meeting


    The brightest minds from around the world gather under LP outdoors tent structure for a three day event, focusing on the latest innovations in the fields of health and medicine.TEDMED is an annual three-day event that brings together a global community dedicated to health and medicine. The event is Read More

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