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  • Why Aluminum Marquee Pagoda Tent For Advertising Is Hot Selling In Dubai


    The Dubai customer purchases some 3x3m, 4x4m, 6x6m, 6x12m,12x12m pagoda tent for rent business from LIPING OUTDOORS last month .Before delivery, we install the tent in our factory to check the tent quality and make sure everything is ok. And share some photos with you . The pagoda tent also be calle Read More

  • A Outdoor Promotional Hexagonal Advertising Tent


    Generally, advertising tents are the most common among outdoor promotional activities. The advertising tents are removable and easy to tear open outfit, which means you can choose a place at will. Read More

  • LPoutdoors Provided A Customized Promotion Tent With Logo For Event


    During outdoor events, the reason the most people worry about are unstable weather conditions. Sun exposure, wind and rain can all have a great influence on the effectiveness of outdoor promotions. Read More

  • Frame tent install ways


    The first step,prepare aluminum frame put down corresponding place,and build up the basic frame for roof. The second step,take out the roof fabric for the roof frame for insert in gutter, the surrounding install well and then lift the the roof cover. The third step, lift the installed roof cover, fi Read More

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