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  • Cassete Wood Floor System Used In The Aluminum Outdoor Wedding Party Tent


    Each event will not only need a tent to solve all problems. Lighting, smallpox, tables and chairs and other accessories are all things that need to be carefully matched and selected to make a tent. Today, LPoutdoors introduce one of the important accessories - wood floor.As an important part of the Read More

  • Luxury Aluminum Large Outdoor Party Tent Is A Suitable For Dinner Event


    Some time people need a quiet and airy environment for a dinner party, and because of place limited and time not allowed, can’t set up a dinner hall. And then many people will choose temporary building party tent for it.As a professional event tent manufacture and designer, LP outdoors supports a se Read More

  • White Roof Pagoda Sun Shade Alpine Tent Is First Choice Of Party Place In Kenyan


    In recent years, closing to nature has become a popular campaign slogan. Outdoor meals have also become a daily activity for many people. But when you're exposed to ultraviolet light, it can be very harmful. At the same time, there is no good place for people to rest.Some people will choose to have Read More

  • 10x20m Full Transparent Outdoor Party Tent Is A Good Choice For Manor


    Our Australian client needs to set up an activity and leisure space in his manor, LPoutdoors provides a 10x20m full transparent outdoor tent.Because the 10x20m full transparent outdoor tent is to be placed in the manor for a long time, the outdoor suburbs has strong wind, so according to the custom Read More

  • Outdoor Beach Shelter Tent For Sun Shade Make The Summer More Comfortable


    People like to go surfing, swimming, vacation, etc on the beach . When you want to have a temporary lounge and dressing room by the sea, our tent is your best choice. Please check the 5*30M size tent photo at below.But because outdoor sunlight is harmful to the human body, shading becomes a very imp Read More

  • Party And Celebration Tent


    The clear party marquee tent of LiPingTent is designed with a very strong frame, and the wind loading can be 100km/h. It is very popular for the outdoor permanent and the semi-permanent events and parties.For the white party marquee tent with sidewalls 25x20m party tent, it can cover about 500 peopl Read More

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