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Big Party Tent With Sidewalls Sale

Views: 94     Author: LPOUTDOORS TENT     Publish Time: 2020-02-03      Origin: LPOUTDOORS TENT Inquire

Regarding the big party tent, normally we would like to choose PVC fabric for four sides of most of the tents. But this time, we used the combined walls of ABS walls and glass walls for our party tent with sides. One side is the opaque ABS walls, which will prevent the light transmission from influencing the atmosphere of the opening ceremony. And the other side is the transparent glass walls, which will improve the level and appearance of the tent, and solve the lighting problem when you arrange the equipment inside the tent, it just need to add the curtains to the glass walls when the equipment is put into use, then you could have the best of both.


Big party tent with combined sidewalls is the high-quality modular structure, it has the advantages of stable and safe, nice and decent, easy to set up and dismantle, convenient to storage and transport, and so on. You would use the tent without any worries. It is multifunctional that each party has its function, it is suitable for most of the outdoor events, it is the first choice of the outdoor banquet parties. And there are all kinds of accessories: air conditioners, wooden flooring, lining decorations, etc. For your choice, to offer our customers more personalized service.

LP OUTDOORS tent will offer different sizes of tents to our customers according to their requirements.

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