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Span10m Outdoor Camouflage Army Military Camping Tent For Outdoor Hire Event

Aluminum small party tent, it always the great option for event.
Frame :aluminum 6061-T6
Fabric: 850g/sqm laminate vinyl blockout PVC for top cover,650g/sqm translucent PVC for sidewalls
Have many accessories to meet your requirement.
Origin: Dongguan ,Guangdong ,China
Brand : LP Outdoors
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  • 10M

Large 10m Outdoor Camouflage Army Military Camping Tent For Outdoor Event

Military camouflage tents are widely used in military exercises, field training, and other occasions. This kind of tent not only has basic features such as easy construction and durability, but more importantly, its unique camouflage design gives it a huge advantage in base concealment. This party tent with a span of 10 meters is made of aluminum and has a cross-section of 122mm long, 68mm wide, and 3mm thick. It is very sturdy and can withstand strong winds of 80km/h.

In military exercises, camouflage tents can be used as command offices, rest places, medical points, etc. Whether it is a headquarters or a rest point, camouflage tents can provide a relatively safe and concealed environment. On the battlefield, the concealment of the headquarters is very important, which can effectively avoid the enemy's discovery and provide the commander with a relatively safe command center. At rest points and medical points, the concealed design of camouflage tents can also provide soldiers with a safe and comfortable rest environment while reducing the risk of being discovered by the enemy.

Guarantee : Frame for 5 years, cover for 3 years, the whole tent structure life is about 8~10 years.(Expect man-made damage)

10m camouflage party tent 23

10m camouflage party tent 3

10m camouflage party tent 15

10m camouflage party tent 28

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