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Where Can Small Alumium Party Tent For Outdoor Restaurant Be Set Up

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Cooperation project: A high-end foreign hotel plans to build an outdoor restaurant in its garden to provide customers with different dining services. Lpoutdoors provided 5*12m and 6*12m small restaurant tents!

For high-end hotels, in addition to regular indoor restaurants, many hotels plan to create outdoor restaurants in the gardens, providing a better dining environment for the hotel's guests with the beautiful surroundings. LPoutdoors provided a small restaurant tent, to match the image of the hotel and the consumers, we have customized the aluminum frame with white tarpaulin, and the white sidewalls with transparent windows.

Lpoutoutdoors restaurant tents inside can be hanged lighting. The top tarpaulin is waterproof, sun-proof and flame-retardant. It can protect the restaurant from the weather and enjoy the comfortable dining environment with outdoor garden views. Moreover, the restaurant tent has no restrictions on the terrain.

Lpoutdoors superior materials can guarantee the restaurant tents for long-term use in the hotel without any problems, and providing the hotel with a low-cost solution for outdoor dining.

Small Alumium Party Tent For Outdoor Restaurant

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