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Is 20x25m Party Tent Suitable For Held A Temporary Celebration Event

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When you want to have a temporary celebration outdoors, our party tent is your best choice. Please see the picture of 20x25m party tent below. This is a set of 20x25 meter tents with glass walls and transparent roof cover as a temporary meeting place.

If the tent installation ground can not be destroyed,we can use the cement weight to press on the weight plate of the tent,which has reached the purpose of fixing the tent. This tent can also be fitted with a 2.4*2.2 meter double armrest glass door as an entrance. For promotion requirements,we also can printing your logo or slogan on the tent.  Our customers often come to ask about the quality of our tent accessories. In fact, in order to achieve a one-stop service, we have always been very careful in the selection of accessories and matching schemes of the party tent.  In order to ensure that the customer can enjoy better service, we will decorate the party tent with suitable accessories according to the customer's requirements.

Except the A-frame party tent,we also have many types of party tent. If you have any interested ,please contact us directly.

20x25m party tent for outdoor event

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