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Aluminum Polygon Roof Sports Tent For Tennis Game Makes The Activity Easier

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LPoutdoors removeable tennis tent used high-strength aluminum alloy frame, which is economical, flexible, environmentally friendly and safe. The construction time is short and can be set up and dismantled at any time. It also can be reused.

The LPoutdoors tennis tent used double-coated synthetic fiber PVC that is fireproof, rainproof, windproof and UV resistant. Fire resistance and durability also make tennis courts can resist all kinds of terrible weather. It is moisture-proof, anti-fouling, anti-microbial sterilization. It also can allow ball games to run smoothly in any season of the year.

LPoutoods not only can provide lighting, air conditioner and other accessories for the tennis tents, but also tailor-made movable tennis hall tents according to the actual conditions of the venue or customer requirement. If you want to more information, please click here fo service.

Aluminum Polygon Roof Sports Tent for Tennis Game

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