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A Project About 50M Wide Fully Transparent Event Tent For Sports

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LPoutdoors built a 50-meter super-wide full-transparent sports event tent for this event. Choosing to build a boxing stadium on the open space next to the resort is a matter of intimate consideration. The guests who wish to be invited can enjoy this event with peace of mind. The moonlight outside the canopy and the light in the canopy complement each other. The sweaty fighters on the stage and the cheering audience in the audience all unite into a feast of strength and beauty.

The advantages of mobile temporary space for sports event tents, in addition to being movable and quick-removable, it is important that the organizers can choose their own venues, no longer limited to traditional fixed buildings, and greatly reduce the event hosting party concern.

LPoutdoors Co., Ltd., as a professional domestic tent development and party tent manufacturing company, has provided sports event tents and temporary space solutions for international events in recent years, including 10,000 concerts, China Aerospace Expo, etc., but used for boxing. The stadium of the Fighting Games was built for the first time. Unlocking this new skill and holding the boxing competition in the mobile building is a new milestone in the history of LPoutdoors.

50M Wide Fully Transparent Event Tent For Sports

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