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20x50m Large Clear Span Hall Tent Made A Successful Outdoor Food Festival Events

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There are many festival in Europe countries, but the cost is higher if choose the venue in hotel and have people limited if with more than 800 people, So the clients think about LPOutdoors large clear span tent for outdoor activities


The hall tent 20x50m size total 1000square meters, which can be stand 1000 people inside, it is anodized aluminum frame with 4m side height,7.2m ridge height, So that is a good solution for outdoor big festival events. At the same time, LPOutdoors also provide one-stop service, whether it is tables and chairs or air conditioning heating, or ceiling curtain wood floor, we can provide one by one for you.


LPOutdoors clear span festival tent not only provide safety, stable for customers, but also makes your events are perfectly; also we provide installation video and engineering illustration to help tents installation. If some installation in need, our engineer can travel your location to help installation in world

20x50m large clear span hall tent for outdoor food festival events

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