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party tent fixed way

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What are the party tent fixing methods? The tent has no special requirements for the construction site. The general flat lands such as sand, grassland, asphalt, concrete and tiled floors all can be used. Tents are fixed in different ways according to different terrain conditions and different usages .


1. Concrete floor (expansion screws)

Generally, the concrete floor or the asphalt floor can choose this fixing method. This fixing method is simple and can fix the tent well. But the expansion screws will damage the concrete floor. This fixing method must consider whether the ground can be destroyed first.


2. Grass or mud (grass anchors)

This fixing method is mainly suitable for soft sand, like mud or grass. Usually it is used in grassland wedding tents, garden tents, etc. When it is set up, the tent is firmly fixed to the ground with grass anchors.After the tent is removed, the ground can be leveled.


3. All the ground cannot be destroyed.(Weight plate)

This fixing method is mainly used for hard-to-repair concrete floors such as marble, ceramic tilet. The weight plate is used to press on the footplate. Sandbags, cement blocks, or stones are placed on weightplate to fix the tent. It doesn’t damage the ground, but it requires a certain space to place heavy loads. And it is not as beautiful as expandsion screws and grass anchors fixing way.


4. Concrete floor (concrete columns)

This fixing way mainly used for long-term tents, such as storage tents, workshop tents and so on. This fixing method need to dig the mud first, and the concrete be poured into the hole at the place where the hole is fixed by the expansion screws.


What are the terrain requirements for the tents?

1. Solid ground (concrete, asphalt, masonry, backfill, etc.), requires flat, within 150mm height difference

2. Grassland, mud land, backfill soil, require flat, within 30mm height difference

3. Concrete, thickness no less than 200mm, no less than C20

4 various types of ground, requiring flat, within 300mm height difference

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