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World Cup Make Temporary Outdoor Event Tent For Football Sports Popular

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Quadrennial World Cup is going so hot,unceasingly it is in the hook up with people love of football. Dongguan LPoutdoors has recently received a lot of guests consultation, asking whether we have tent which can be used for outdoor football sports activity,the World Cup does influence people focus on the degree of physical activity.

For a long time, people have thought the definition of the tent or party tent that only applies to the wedding event or festival, a celebration of the class, but in fact as long as to choose the suitable party tent and the tailor-made for you size, can meet all the outdoor activities, including sports activity of the class is more suitable for but  Dongguan LPoutdoors football tent is made of high quality, high strength aluminum alloy 6061 / T6 grades, hardness of 15 hw in strict accordance with the standards for film thickness provide aluminum 10 microns - 15 microns, use performance is good weather tent all steel parts for material adopt high strength Q345 grade of material.
arts according to the strength of design for the thick plate or pipe production, evenly on the surface of hot-dip galvanized processing, long service life and at the same time, the dongguan li ping football activity of awning room wai cloth also provides guests with very good protection, whether it is windy or rainy, activity, can guarantee and securely without outside interference thanks to our li ping tarpaulins adopt double coated PVC fabric, weight of 850 g/m2, thickness of 0.65 mm dongguan li ping tarpaulins double thickening PVDF surface treatment, with self-cleaning mouldproof dealing with uniform coating, soft performance is good, resistance to ultraviolet (UV) color

Anti-aging, not easy to mildew to change color Weather tent is not easy to become yellow or fade, German standard DIN 4102 B1, M2, CFM fire protection standards, has a good flame retardant performance rare World Cup people's enthusiasm for football is high, taking advantage of this rare good time, you can also contact our customer service, learn more about football activity details of the tent If you have any other activity demand also can undertake consultation, we will be in the first time for you to provide the best service and the most professional solution.

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