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Why Do We Like A 15-meter-wide Transparent Arcum Wedding Tent ?

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For wedding party events,usually be held at a star hotel, but it is very popular to use tents to hold romantic wedding banquets outdoors in foreign countries . Therefore LP Outdoors often exports different types of wedding tents to foreign countries. This time, we provide d customers with a 15-meter-wide transparent arcum wedding tent!

Cooperation projects: Foreign customer need to host a beautiful, romantic and large-scale wedding feast in the outdoors, so LPoutdoors has provided a 15x40-meter arcum wedding tent.

In order to give customers an amazing wedding banquet effect, we chose to have an elegant appearance arcum tent, coupled with transparent top roof, the tent is more beautiful and romantic!

The size of 15x40m enables the interior of the tent to have a spacious space. The clean space can make the interior decoration and banquet of the tent freely match. The strong and stable aluminum alloy frame can randomly hang various lighting ornaments. Carefully arranged wedding, The 600 square tent room space filled with a dreamy atmosphere, to create a romantic and unforgettable wedding.

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