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What problems should be considered in tent safety?

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Now tents can be seen everywhere in outdoor events, but the tent as a temporary building often used outdoors, its safety must pay attention to, so Li Ping outdoor tent.


What are the security reasons to consider?


1,Outdoor weather factors

The biggest reason why the tent is suitable for outdoor use is that it can provide indoor space and protect outdoor activities from the weather.


However, the tents are standing outdoors for a long time. In addition to the ordinary waterproof and anti-ultraviolet functions, the tents also need to consider the safety of the tents in bad weather


For example, wind, rain, typhoon, heavy snow and other weather,it is required that the frame of the tent must have sufficient strength and hardness to enhance the wind resistance performance. In addition, the pressure resistance of the tent frame and the roof cover compression performance to meet the different bad the weather!



2,Build a fixed factor

The outdoor use of tents is not safe and stable. It has a lot to do with the way of building and fixing the tents and the construction site, especially for soft grounds such as sand and grass, if they are fixed in the wrong way, The security and stability of that tent will be greatly affected!


3,Internal fire safety

For some large-scale exhibition tents, due to the large number of personnel and materials in the tents, if the consequences of the fire in the event of a fire will be very serious, the internal fire safety of the tent must be taken seriously.


In addition to having enough facilities inside the tent, the choice of tarpaulin is also very important. Some poor roof cover have poor flame retardant and even contribute to the spread of fire.

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