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What Kinds Of Multi-Functional Customized Aircraft Hangar Tent Is Hot Selling

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With the development of economy, many people do not pursue fashionable sports cars now, and more people learn to fly mini airplanes. Although it is easy to buy an aircraft, it is difficult to do so at its maintenance and docking costs. You can check a common price for airport parking, and it cost thousands of dollars. In response to this situation, as early as 2014,LPoutdoors began to develop a fully customized aircraft hangar tent for home-use and military use.

LPoutdoors fully customized aircraft hangar tent plane span for 18 to 50 meters, edge is 6 meters high, the height of the canopy roof department from the ground 8.8 meters-14 meters, is designed for helicopters and civilian aircraft, military aircraft, such as design, referred to as full custom party tent or aircraft hangar tent.

The frame of the fully customized aircraft tent is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The hangar tent cover is made of PVC with the function of anti-ultraviolet ray, flame retardant and shading. The span of the hangar tent can reach 80 meters. We can also adjust the height and width of the hangar tent according to the size of your aircraft and the size of the terrain where you stop. The appearance of the fully customized aircraft hangar tent is diversified, including A shape, arcum, peach shape, etc. The shape is generous and beautiful, the safety performance is high, the structure is firm, and the wind resistance reaches 100-120km/h.In order to use more convenient and reasonable, hangar tent  can add other parts, such as: work floor, door, sandwich wall, flexible doors, ventilation Windows, insulation, ventilation, etc., make the helicopter in the hangar tent also can get inside the room maintenance, and convenient maintenance personnel on the plane for a long time to check and repair work. Dongguan LPoutdoors has been advocated by the sales concept - "assembly tent, one-stop services."

LPoutdoors multi-functional fully customized aircraft hangar tent can move and disassemble repeatedly according to your site and requirements, high cost performance, is a good choice for aircraft placement. If you just need an airplane canopy, welcome to contact us. We will provide you with the best service and scheme in the first time.

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