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We Held A Sport Competition With Aluminum Outdoor Large Event Tent

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Every year, many sports events are held around the world.Over the past five years, tent usage has been increasing at these sporting events.This is because of the portable and easy installation of the tent, which has been recognized.

LP outdoors offers a 20×60m dining tent for a tennis match, the tennis tent with ABS walls, glass walls, floors, and large integrated central air conditioning; enough inside space that give the athletes a comfortable dining environment.

LP outdoors also offers a 15X20m tent as Entrance vehicles and personnel security check; dozens of 3 x 3m, 5X5M frame tent as rest room; and a 10 x 10m tent is used as a player experience center.

As the most professional sports event in China, LP Outdoor has provided tens of thousands of square meters of tents to all countries in the world. Our professional design and rich tent construction experience have also been highly praised by the organizers. LP outdoor tents are well-known in the tent industry!

Aluminum Outdoor Large Event Tent For Sports

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