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Trade Show Is Holded In Outdoor Exhibition Aluminum Car Tent

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With the increase in various sales festivals, at certain festivals, many car companies will host some car shows in different ways.  The car trade show has long been not limited to indoors, and outdoor party shows are very common. In order to avoid the sun's exposure, the ravages of wind and rain, the car exhibition spires became an indispensable device for the car show! In addition, the car exhibition spires have gradually become a strong symbol of the promotion of automobile brands after adapting to various test driving experiences and product demonstrations.


The car trade show tent has many advantages. Because it is easy to transport and easy to set up and quick to disassemble, it is more suitable for the national tour with new cars. Because there is no extra pillar inside the tent, the space utilization rate is 100%, and the flexible interior space is more suitable for outdoor auto show. The tent has the advantage of being windproof, waterproof and UV resistant, which can better protect the new car from damage.

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Outdoor Exhibition Aluminum Car Tent

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