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Tent installation

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16X21m double top star tent073

1. Read the tent usage file carefully and then install it to avoid improper installation affecting the use effect.

2. Avoid scratching the tent with sharps and affecting the use effect.

3. After the tent is used, all spare parts should be collected to prepare for reuse;

4, the handling process should be as light as possible, the outer package to prevent damage, so as not to lose parts;

5 If using electrical appliances in the tent, please note that the wires and iron brackets must be well insulated.

6. Before install a tent, you must check the installation site. There should be no rolling stones, rolling logs and weathered rocks above the camp.

7. When installing in mud or sand, ditches can be digged around to ensure the ground in the tent is dry;

8. When you know that the local wind power exceeds class 8, please remove the tent or roof cover in advance.

9 .To clean the tent, please dry the roof cover and sidewall .


Tent installation details:

1.Provide foot plate drawing

2. Provide tent structure design

3. Provide installation video

4. Provide online installation instructions

5. Provide installation picture

6. Provide instructions for use

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