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Tent for warehouse

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Tent for warehouse


Nowadays more and more countries customers tend to use movable tents as temporary storage warehouses. As the tent has high flexibility, cost savings, novel style and easy installation features .


When you need a temporary storage tent, please tell us your size or how many square meters you need . Then, we can customize your details and provide design to suit your requirements. Tent Span 10-50M can be selected, length also can be customized . It can meet the needs of small warehouses, and also can meet the large project warehouse.  In the tent also can use the transporting trucks. Because the tent is no pillar in the interior of the storage tents. The internal clean space can not only be more efficient for warehouses,, but also can provide better walking and working environment for workers and forklifts!


Tent material: Dongguan LIPING Industrial tents are made of high-strength aluminum alloy frame, the top of the cloth is PVC double-sided coated cloth, with sunscreen, waterproof, flame retardant, tear-resistant, anti-dirty and other superior performance.


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