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Party tent introduction

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Party tent is a new type temporary construction for outdoor activities. It is convenient to storage and transportation, known as "mobile housing." It is widely used in temporary warehouses, factory buildings, temporary construction, exhibition tents, construction tents, and emergency relief. Party tent is a new concept for the international masses, and it is just gradually appear in people's daily outdoor activities in recent years. It consists of removeable frame and cover fabric. Generally, The frame is made of alloy and steel.  It is convenient to storage with characteristics of small size. The cover fabric is a very major part of the tent. The quality of the cover fabric directly influences the safety of party tent and closely related to the event’s safety. Therefore, it is very important to choose high quality cover fabric.The party tent’s design concept is safe, fast and elegant.


The party ten is originated in Europe. It has reliable safety performance and can be set up quickly and flexibly according to different area. There are no extra beams and pillars inside the tent ,so the space utilization rate reaches 100%. By your careful planning, the space usage is more imaginative. The party tent enhance the multiple possibilities of outdoor activities and improve the brand-new concept of activities. The party tents are very popular in European and American countries where the leasing industry is developed. The tent products are very mature, and they have perfect auxiliary facilities and other supporting services for the tents, which have formed a complete industry. The tent industry has only just begun in China, and it is also a little-known concept in China.



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