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Outdoor High Quality Curve Tent for Trade Show

Curved tent can be the temporary structure for trade show
Frame :aluminum 6061-T6
Fabric: 850g/sqm laminate vinyl blockout PVC for top cover,650g/sqm translucent PVC for sidewalls
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:LP outdoors
Common sizes are 20M/25M/30M. If you have other size requirements, please contact us.
  • Curve tent,CPT30


  • 6306220090

  • 30m

Outdoor High Quality Curve Tent for Trade Show

Commercial exhibitions are an important platform for companies to display products and services, and tents, as a common facility for commercial exhibitions, have many advantages. Curve tents can not only accommodate multiple booths, solve the problem of insufficient booths, but also solve the problem of land use, and it is also an environmentally friendly choice.

Exhibitions generally choose places that are more prosperous and have convenient transportation, while commercial exhibitions usually require a large area of open space to build exhibition halls. However, it takes a large area of land to build a pavilion, and it may take more money and time to build it traditionally. In contrast, tents are fast to set up, can be set up in a short period of time, and can be dismantled. In this way, commercial exhibitions can choose venues more flexibly without worrying about land use issues, saving time and cost.

Guarantee : Frame for 5 years, cover for 3 years, the whole tent structure life is about 8~10 years.(Expect man-made damage)

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