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LPoutdoors Teach You How To Fix An Aluminum Party Tent In 4 Ways

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Many customers do not worry about how to purchase a tent, and how to choose a tent that is best for them. But there are a lot of issues that customers worry about when it comes to installation. Today, we are going to introduce four ways of fixing a tent.

1. Expansion screw

General cement floor or asphalt floor can adopt this kind of fixed way: using expansion screw to fix the awning room on column floor board. This kind of fixed way is simple, which can fix tent very well, but expansion screw can cause damage to cement floor, this kind of fixed way should consider whether the ground can be destroyed first.

party tent

2. Weight Plate

For marble and ceramic tile damaged to repair difficult ground mainly adopts the way of fixed and using the bearing plate pressure column base plate, put sandbags, concrete and other heavy objects on the bearing plate to fix the tent. In this way, it will not damage the ground, but put bearing plate needs certain space, and using expansion screw or drill rod is more beautiful.

aluminum party tent

3. The Drill Rod

This fixation method is mainly applicable to soft sand, mud land or grassland. Generally, the wedding tent and park tent will be used in the outdoor grassland, and the tent will be firmly fastened to the ground by long brazing nails. After the awning is removed, the ground can be leveled.

aluminum party tent

4. Poured concrete

For the long-term use of the tent, it can be adopted this way, mainly for the long-term use of the storage tent, workshop roof, and so on.In this way, the ground hole should be dug first, and the concrete should be poured into the hole after the expansion bolt and column bottom plate are fixed.

aluminum party tent

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