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LP Outdoors polygon roof marquee tent for sports and music events

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             LP Outdoors polygon roof marquee for sports and music events

There are many big events in oversea,such as concerts, theatre performances and musicals,sports etc, but we have to find good place demands on the site infrastructure


The event site has to be as perfect as possible ,so that the proverbial ‘spark’ comes across, and both the audience and the performers experience an unforgettable evening or day,  from being situated in a location that is easy to get and having an appropriate, stylish interior, to being equipped with the right technical equipment and catering facilities


So the solution is from LP Outdoors to provide polygon style marquee tent, It is great flexibility and more safety for LP Outdoors marquee tent,also with special top height,so it can be quick and easy install lighting, sound and image systems, and the modular construction makes it possible to set up separate areas for admissions, the foyer, the stage, the backstage area, catering facilities and much more. to make concerts and other live performances an unforgettable success for everyone involved


Welcome to inquiry LP Outdoors event tent at anytime, we will give you good solution for all your different events:https://www.lpoutdoors.com/Specification-Of-25-40m-Polygon-Roof-Party-Tent-id6857176.html

40m polygon roof marquee tents for sports and music events

40m polygon roof party tents for sports and festival events

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