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How Can We Make Transparent Arcum Tent Become A Outdoor Restaurant

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The prefabricated tent can be used many outdoor indoor venues, while the outdoor restaurant tent is a very special application, which can create a unique outdoor dining environment for the diners, while the entire tent is not expensive to build. This time, the in  Philippines customers purchased an arcum tent to create a special restaurant.

Customers need to create a distinctive restaurant in outdoors, so LPoutdoors offered a 15*30 meter arcum tent.

15x30m arcum tent for restaurant

The arcum tent provided by LPoutdoors is custom designed in many aspects. First, we have adjusted the shape of the conventional arcum tent, which is equipped with 3M provocation on both sides, which is not only the tent restaurant. It brings a more recognizable and unique appearance, and sidewalls of the tent dining room are made of transparent glass walls and transparent fabric, which provide a safe environment for dining without losing the unique experience of outdoor dining.

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