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Cheap Nigeria Ghana Gabon Wedding Tent

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Cheap Nigeria Ghana Gabon Wedding Tent 

Product advantage: 1)very easy to intall
 2)Cheap price
Guarantee: Frame 5years, fabric 3 years.

Cheap Easy Installation Pole Wedding Tent for Outdoor Enents

Material of Pole Tent

Fabric:850g/sqm laminate Vinyl  blackout for top cover, 650g/sqm
            laminate Vinyl for sidewalls, All are waterproof, UV-prtection,
            Flame retardant M2, Rotproof
Frame: Dia89x2mm  galvanized  steel center pole.
              Dia 48x2mm galvanized  steel side leg.

Guarantee of Pole Tent
Frame 5years, fabric 3 years. Wind loading: 80km/h. Snow loading: 0.3 kn/sqm
Options Accessories

Transparency PVC windows, grass anchors, wood floor, lining and so on.

12m/width, length is no limited

Specification Clear Span(width) Length Side Height Ridg Height Bay Distace
12mx12m       12m 12m 2.5m 7.5m 6m
12mx18m        12m 18m 2.5m 7.5m 6m
12mx24m        12m 24m 2.5m 7.5m 6m
12mx30m         12m 30m 2.5m 7.5m 6m

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