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Cheap Nigeria Ghana Gabon Wedding Tent

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Cheap Nigeria Ghana Gabon Wedding Tent 

Product advantage: 1)very easy to intall
 2)Cheap price
Guarantee: Frame 5years, fabric 3 years.

Cheap Easy Installation Pole Wedding Tent for Outdoor Enents

Material of Pole Tent

Fabric:850g/sqm laminate Vinyl  blackout for top cover, 650g/sqm
            laminate Vinyl for sidewalls, All are waterproof, UV-prtection,
            Flame retardant M2, Rotproof
Frame: Dia89x2mm  galvanized  steel center pole.
              Dia 48x2mm galvanized  steel side leg.

Guarantee of Pole Tent
Frame 5years, fabric 3 years. Wind loading: 80km/h. Snow loading: 0.3 kn/sqm
Options Accessories

Transparency PVC windows, grass anchors, wood floor, lining and so on.

12m/width, length is no limited

SpecificationClear Span(width)LengthSide HeightRidg HeightBay Distace
12mx12m      12m12m2.5m7.5m6m
12mx18m       12m18m2.5m7.5m6m
12mx24m       12m24m2.5m7.5m6m
12mx30m        12m30m2.5m7.5m6m

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