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Audi car exhibition holds in a comfortable outdoor aluminum 10X15m arcum party tent

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With the development of the society, the car show gradually develops from the indoor to the outdoor.In order to avoid wear from direct sunlight and wind and rain, the car exhibition tent naturally became an indispensable part of the show.At the same time, after adapting to a variety of commercial activities such as test drive experience and product display, the individualized appearance and interior decoration of the tent are impressive, which also invisibly enhances the influence of the car brand.


Recently, Audi has decided to show some TT fans a prototype of its new TT 20 anniversary car at the Circuit Zolder in Belgium.With this news, LPoutdoors has fully cooperated with Audi and implemented the tent plan, provided tents with spacious and bright space for the new model, and gave Audi and the Audi TT owners in Belgium a satisfactory answer.For this activity,LPoutdoors has built a 10X15m arcum tent.The frame material of the tent is hard pressed extruded aluminum. The max allowed wind speed up to grade 8 ensures the stability and reliability of the tent.Smooth white PVC double coated polyester provides users with wind and rain protection and is fireproof.The arcum tent is  surrounded by smooth ABS walls, glass walls and glass doors which is tailored for the anniversary model, so that it could get smoothly into the tent.


In addition, in order to create a comfortable and warm environment inside the outdoor party tent,LPoutdoors also provides lighting and heating systems for the arcum tent.Through the lighting background, carefully selected flowers, plants decorations, carpets and seating, the activity brings customers different outdoor experience.

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