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A frame aluminum hospital tent for Italian from LP Outdoors

Views: 163     Author: LPOUTDOORS     Publish Time: 2020-03-25      Origin: LP OUTDOORS NEWS


With the spread of coronavirus worldwide, all resources are very scarce in foreign countries. However, the rapid increase in patients in Italy has led to insufficient places to accommodate all patients, so the government decided to use temporary tents to accommodate too many patients, Doctors used tents to isolate patients and give them treatment, which is also the only way to quickly solve the problem of increasing patients.

hospital tent

LP Outdoors provided hospital tent for Italian, the sizes from 3~40m width, It can be used in a different area and very easy and quick to set up, also it’s popular with that temporary structure tent.

We hope that we can help more foreign friends in need with our modest efforts.

temporary structure tent

If you need more details for the hospital tent, Welcome to inquiry our professional team to get total solutions, thank you.


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