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A Outdoor Promotional Hexagonal Advertising Tent

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Generally, advertising tents are the most common among outdoor promotional activities. The advertising tents are removable and easy to tear open outfit, which means you can choose a place at will.

When an ordinary company customizes an advertising tent, it prints the company's logo and product advertising language on the surface of the tent, making it clear at a glance.

As advertising and promotion tent , we suggest the LP OUTDOORS hexagonal dome tent.

hexagonal dome tent

Hexagonal dome tent size: 3x3x2.6m,table size:150x40x80cm.
Fabric: 300D Spandex fabric , waterproof ,UV protection,fire retardant, UV protection.
The tent sidewall and roof cover can heat transfer printing your logo . This is a feedback photos of customer promotion agricultural products.

Advertising Dome tent

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