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20x60m Aluminum frame temporary medical tent for hospital isolation

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  • 20M

Outdoor temporary medical tent for hospital isolation 



LP Outdoor temporary structure tent has many advantages, it is easy to transport and set up, also it is quick to dismantle,and it is more suitable for temporary structure building


A recent project in Lagos for Coronavirus isolation Tents: Two sets of 20m x 70m tents for emergency hospital medical treatment and patient resting places.

The guy called Aken Sabby was running wedding, party and trade show event rental business from 2012 year.He purchased 6 set of 20x70m and 3 set of 30x50m big clear span tents from LP Outdoors. When the Coronavirus happened in Nigeria, He was worrying the virus infection and the public health, He reported to the LAGOS state government urgently then was asked to set up some clear span tents as temporary hospital in Lagos sports center. In 3 days, 15 workers' teams took 3 big cranes to finish 2 sets of 20x70m tents to accommodate 300 beds.

The 20m clear span temporary hospital tents are strong enough to hold serious wind, also it can be equipped air conditions to let air flow.

Some customers in the other countries are working hard to build up more temporary hospitals, If you need other tents distribution and installation help, our team are here for you 24 hours urgent service

temporary medical tent size details

Item size side high  ridge high Bay distance
PT20 20m, the length is unlimited 4m 7.2m 5m
PT21 21m, the length is unlimited 4m 7.3m 5m
PT22 22m, the length is unlimited 4m 7.5m 5m
PT23 23m, the length is unlimited 4m 7.6m 5m
PT24 24m, the length is unlimited 4m 7.7m 5m
PT25 25m, the length is unlimited 4m 7.8m 5m
PT28 28m,the length is unlimited 4m 8.2m 5m
PT30 30m, the length is unlimited 4m 8.8m 5m

20m party tent002

Medical tent

Medical tent-1

storage marquee

event tent





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