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20m-40m Temporary Warehouse Tent

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The new thermal insulation roof warehousing tent is the latest warehouse tent series from LiPingTent. Besides the performance of the original warehouse tent,the thermal insulation roof can be good for heat isolation and snow loading. This product is the latest warehouse tent in China. The benefits of using the Liping Warehouse Tent are:

1.Short construction time: It takes 3 to 4 days to assemble a 1,000sqm warehouse tent.

2. Materials are 100% reusable when moving to another area.

3.Wall system has options of a sandwich panel hard wall and PVC wall to satisfy different needs. The structure is able to extent to unlimited lengths.

4.Rolling door system can be used for loading entrance for truck or forklift from four sides of the warehouse tent.

5.Roof cover uses 650-850g/m2 coated PVC polyester textile and flame retardant to DIN 4102 BI,M2.

6.The volume of the whole structure uses little space for storage and transportation.

7.The thermal insulation roof tent is able to resist snow loading of three levels. These levels include 25kg,50kg,or 75kg,which can protect you from most of the weather conditions.

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