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Why Aluminum Marquee Pagoda Tent For Advertising Is Hot Selling In Dubai

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The Dubai customer purchases some 3x3m, 4x4m, 6x6m, 6x12m,12x12m pagoda tent for rent business from LIPING OUTDOORS last month .Before delivery, we install the tent in our factory to check the tent quality and make sure everything is ok. And share some photos with you .

The pagoda tent also be called high peak tent, B-line tent ,marquee party tent etc, which is usually used as a reception center for wedding tents, a rest area for sports events, temporary high-end office space, and home swimming pool sunshade places.

In addition to tent, there are also supporting parts to extend the tent function, such as ceiling, wood floor boards,glass walls, ABS wall,aluminum alloy glass doors,transparent roof,curtains, etc.

The Big tent can resist strong wind with the speed of 80-100 km/hour ,small volume, convenience of transportation, installation, disconnection and storage, etc. If you want to know more details about this pagoda tent,please feel free to contact us or click here.

6mX12m double peak pagoda tent

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