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Waterproof Hexagon Sun shade Tent For 2018 FIFA World Cup's Resting

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The Hexagon tent is available in 3m,4m,5m,6m. Or we can customized size for your design.LPoutdoors provided the 12m hexagon pagoda tent for who needs to have a please for relaxing when they watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup or some sports events.

Hexagon tent has a tensioned pyramid roof supported on a frame, and is a clear span structure with no centre poles. Based on floorplan, the Pagoda has vertical frame supports in each corner which then extend to a central point to form the pyramid roof. A heavy-duty winch on the underside of the roof frame raises the roof canopy and gives it its elegant shape. What's more, our hexagonal pagoda tents' covers are made of double coated polyester textile,650g-850g/m2 flame retardant to DIN 4102 B1,M2.

Hexagon pagoda tent provides a distinctive and elegant cover for events and is also used as the entrance to a modular pagoda tent. If you want a hexagonal pagoda tent, please contact us right now for a big discount.

The Hexagon pagoda tent

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