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In Italy, 30x60m Aluminum Marquee Event Tent For Music Festival

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LPoutdoors provides a large tent for the main stage at an annual music festival in Italy.

Music Festival Event Tent

The music festival features 10-20 acts on three stages over the two-day event.We provide a large clear span 30x60M tent for the main stage. One end of the structure is left open to provide the audience an unobstructed view that extends from outside of the tent to the front of the stage.Some truss with a series of sound to make impressive music to attract many people get together.

Some clients will consider the tent maybe is not stronger enough to hold in the bad weather. But as our more than 10 years'experiencem, the music festival tent stands the wind-loading for 80km/h, and the PVC is absolutely waterproof. If you are interested in this tent for music festival, please feel free to contact us.

Music Festival Event Tent

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