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Curved tent temporary hangar building for storage industrial

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Curved tent temporary hangar building from LP Outdoors

Temporary structure curved hangar tent is special design for wideness area, LP Outdoors curved structure temporary building can give you a perfect gathering experience

The fabric tent can be serve as warehouse and athletic activity, and it must satisfied with three requirement,the first is firm and the second is capacious, the third one is height

Such as LP Outdoor curved structure temporary hangar tent can meet both requirement, it can be use in winter with heavy snow

Also we can guarantee the security of large curved tent for sports court, the top height of curve shape is special of radian, no matter be ball kind of sports activity, still be flat ground can be satisfyof one by one

Also our curved structure can can be customized size to meet your special area

If you need more tent information for projects, our professional team will give you good total solution 

temporary hangar building size details

Clear span width


18m 20m 25m 30m

Side height


3m 4m 4m 4m
Ridge heigt 7.78m 9.58m 10.64m



Bay distance


5m 5m 5m 5m

Max length


unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited


Curved tent

curved marquee

25m clear curved tent(1)

curved marquee                

hangar tent

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