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Clear span event tent for amusement park

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          Our customers need to build an indoor activity areas in the amusement park. In order to save cost and time, Lpoutdoors provided him a 20x25m Event tents.


            The appearance of the European-style event tent brings a different view to the park. The interior utilization of the tent is 100%. It can be set up multiple functional areas such as lounges, restaurants and so on. The sidewalls of the party tent can be opened freely, so that the family and kids are enjoying the outdoor scenery while resting in the tent.


             The beautiful shape of the tent not only can bring romantic elements to the park but also provides familys with a comfortable resting space. Which make the park can provide  better outdoor facilities and better sightseeing experience. Let all friends and family happy ,enjoy and rest together in our clear span event tent. 

             Actually, we have other more shape and other style  tent for outdoor amuesement park  and other outdoor sports event, please kindly refer the link: https://www.lpoutdoors.com/specification.html

    Clear Span Event Tent For Amusement Park


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