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20x50m Party Tent With Transparent Wall For Temporary Outdoor Event

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For a large-scale conference opening event, The large party tent with spacious and clean space will be the best choice. LPoutdoors offered a 20×50-meter tent for British customers with thousands of square meters of space. Which make opening event can accommodates hundreds of people. The high-end transparent glass wall on both sides of the tent provides better light for the conference site, and it has several glass door entrances and exits, which bring convenience to the entry and exit for people.

20x50m party tent

Although the entire conference tent has thousands of square meters of space, the installation can only be completed in a few days, and includes various interior layouts such as carpets, lining and curtains, air conditioners, lighting, etc., providing high-end comfort environment for the event. Party tent is absolutely the best choice for building large-scale high-end conference venues in a short time!

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