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10m×30m Big Party Tent Wedding Tent for Exhibition Or Lecture

10m×30m Big Party Tent Wedding Party Tent for Exhibition Or Lecture
  • 10M×30M

10m×30m Big Party Tent Wedding Party Tent for Exhibition Or Lecture

Product description:

² With a width of 10m and a length of 30m, the tent is built up for a wedding party. Our party tents are very sturdy and durable, with a maximum wind resistance of 80 km / h. Hard-pressed extruded aluminum alloy (6061 / T6) is used for the frame of the party tent, and the flame-retardant double-sided PVC synthetic fiber fabric is used for the roof cover.

² A range of optional arc-top accessories is available to enhance their applications and functions, such as transparent PVC window sidewalls, glass doors, pegs, sinks, ABS walls, sandwich walls, glass walls, ceilings, flooring System, column counterweight, etc.

The tent structure can be custom-made according to your requirements. What's the width and the length of your land? How many people will attend your wedding party? Where will you set up your tent for the wedding party? These questions should be taken into consideration before you buy a tent to hold wedding parties because we will design the desirable wedding tent structure for you based on these dates.

Product architecture:


12X20m party tent009

12X20m party tent016

12X20m party tent023

12X20m party tent025

12X20m party tent031

12X20m party tent033



Luxury party tent detailed size

Item size side high  ridge high Bay distance
PT20 20m, the length is unlimited
4m 8.1m 5m
PT21 21m, the length is unlimited
4m 8.2m 5m
PT22 22m, the length is unlimited
4m 8.3m 5m
PT23 23m, the length is unlimited
4m 8.5m 5m
PT24 24m, the length is unlimited
4m 8.7m 5m
PT25 25m, the length is unlimited
4m 8.8m 5m

Wedding tent Certificate: 80km wind loading test, Vinyl Flame retardant M2, lining flame retardant BS5867
Galvanized Salt spray 144hours test, UV aging certificate, Aluminum 6061 test
Fabric RoHS certificate. Transparency PVC -20º C to 70º C resistant

Wedding tent Frame: 6061 T6, 250x110x4mm aluminum profile. Q235 steel joints, hot DIP galvanized.

Wedding  tent Fabric: 850g/sqm Vinyl for top cover, 650g/sqm Vinyl for sidewalls. Waterproof UV protection, flame retardant M2, Rotproof

Wedding tent accessories: wooden floor, glass door, glass wall, glass window, ABS hard wall, steel sandwich wall, ground anchors, anchor puller, weight plate, sidewalls with PVC-clear window, rain gutters, decoration ceilings and inside curtain, ramp, transport rack. 

party tent accessories.JPG

We are a one stop shop for all your tents and customized design.                        

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What advantage:

Item Our manufactory    Some manufactories
Side height 4m lower 3.7m or3.5m
Aluminum profile Bigger 203x110x4mm Smaller 166x88x3mm profile
Fabric 850g/sqm, special treated 750g/sqm or 650g/sqm, no special treated
Steel joints Good welding, Spray salt resistant 144hour Bad welding, Spray salt resistant about 80 hour
Assembly accuracy Bolt and holes can fit exactly and fixed Bolt is difficult to get through hole and fixed.
TransparencyPVC            UV Aging test, -20º C  resistant No UV Aging test, can' t be -20º C resistant, breaken
Sidewallaccessories Nylon rope+Nickel Eyelet Zippper, easy breaken. or cotton  rope, easy rot
Rachet Bigger rachet+nylon 50mm ribbon Small rachet+polyester ribbon, easy breaken
Cover lappetstructure Aluminum rails+screw bolt Elastic rope, easy breaken and water can' t flow.
Roof wire 201# steel wire, stainlesss Generally steel wire, easy stain
Support beam   " X" brace beam, galvanized steel port beam, thin aluminum
Gable triangle wall The middle is aluminum slots The middle is velcro or rope.
Wind loading Wind loading 80km/h test report No Wind loading test report

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