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10X15m Outdoor Sandwich Wall Temporary Warehouse Storage Tent for Sale

10X15m Outdoor Sandwich Wall Temporary Warehouse Storage Tent for Sale
Aluminum middle party tent, it always the great option for warehouse
Width:10m Length:15m
Frame :aluminum 6061-T6
Fabric: 850g/sqm laminate vinyl blockout PVC for top cover,sandwich walls for sidewalls
Have many accessories to meet your requirement.
Origin: Dongguan ,Guangdong ,China
Brand : LP Outdoors
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10X15m Outdoor Sandwich Wall Temporary Warehouse Storage Tent for Sale


The 10X15m outdoor sandwich wall temporary warehouse storage tent with an aluminum frame is an excellent solution for temporary storage needs. This tent offers a spacious and secure area for storing goods, equipment, and materials. With its durable construction and sandwich wall design, it provides protection against the elements while ensuring easy access and efficient storage management.

Aluminum Frame Tent:

The aluminum frame of this storage tent is lightweight yet sturdy, making it easy to assemble and disassemble. The frame is corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability even in harsh weather conditions. Its modular design allows for customization in terms of size and layout, making it suitable for various storage requirements. The tent can be easily expanded or reduced in size as needed, providing flexibility for changing storage needs.

Temporary Storage Warehouse:

This tent serves as an ideal temporary storage warehouse solution. Its spacious interior can accommodate a wide range of items, including machinery, tools, inventory, and other goods. The tent's height and width provide ample space for easy movement and organization of stored items. The temporary nature of this warehouse allows for quick setup and relocation, making it suitable for construction sites, events, and other temporary storage needs.

Sandwich Wall Design:

The sandwich wall design of this storage tent offers several advantages. The walls consist of an outer layer, an insulating core, and an inner layer. This design provides excellent thermal insulation, keeping the interior cool in summer and warm in winter. The insulating core also helps to absorb sound, reducing noise pollution. Additionally, the sandwich wall construction enhances the tent's overall strength and stability, ensuring the safety of stored items.

Benefits and Features:

1. Easy Assembly: The lightweight aluminum frame and modular design allow for quick and easy assembly.

2. Durability: The corrosion-resistant aluminum frame ensures long-lasting durability.

3. Flexibility: The tent can be easily expanded or reduced in size to meet changing storage needs.

4. Spacious Interior: The 10X15m size provides ample space for storing a variety of items.

5. Thermal Insulation: The sandwich wall design offers excellent thermal insulation for year-round comfort.

6. Sound Absorption: The insulating core of the walls helps to reduce noise pollution.

7. Portability: The temporary nature of this warehouse allows for easy relocation when needed.


The 10X15m outdoor sandwich wall temporary warehouse storage tent with an aluminum frame is an ideal solution for temporary storage needs. Its lightweight yet durable construction, along with the sandwich wall design, offers a secure and efficient storage space. Whether for construction sites, events, or other temporary storage requirements, this tent provides the flexibility and functionality needed to ensure the safety and organization of stored items.


122管-03 拷贝.jpg

122管-06 拷贝.jpg

10m party tent=sandwich001

10m party tent=sandwich004

10m party tent=sandwich007

Item Our manufactory    Some manufactories
Side height 3m lower 2.7m or 2.5m
Aluminum profile Bigger 166x88x3mm Smaller 122x68x2.5mm profile
Fabric 850g/sqm, special treated 750g/sqm or 650g/sqm, no special treated
Steel joints Good welding, Spray salt resistant 144hour Bad welding, Spray salt resistant about 80 hour
Assembly accuracy Bolt and holes can fit exactly and fixed Bolt is difficult to get through hole and fixed.
TransparencyPVC            UV Aging test, -20º C resistant No UV Aging test, can' t be 20º Cresistant, breaken
Sidewallaccessories Nylon rope+Nickel Eyelet Zippper, easy breaken. or cotton  rope, easy rot
Rachet Bigger rachet+nylon 50mm ribbon Small rachet+polyester ribbon, easy breaken
Cover lappetstructure Aluminum rails+screw bolt Elastic rope, easy breaken and water can' t flow.
Roof wire 201# steel wire, stainlesss Generally steel wire, easy stain
Support beam   " X" brace beam, galvanized steel port beam, thin aluminum
Gable triangle wall The middle is aluminum slots The middle is velcro or rope.
Wind loading Wind loading 80km/h test report No Wind loading test report

Specification Of 15-25m Middle Party Tent

     Weather can be the unexcepted and unavoidable situation during any outdoor events. To make your event can be held smoothly, a reliable aluminum tent will be the perfect solution. All of LPoutdoors' tent structures are made with stainless hard pressed aluminum alloy and waterproof PVC fabric.If you want to know more about the specification, please read this article.

About The Model

15m x45Mparty tent

15-25m Middle party tent

About The Main Profile

15-25m Middle party tent FE

About Details Of 15-25m Middle Party Tent

Clear Span (With)
Side Height
Ridge Height
Longest Component
Roof Pitch
18° 18° 18°
Bay Distance
Minimum Length
Maximum Length
No Limited
Max. Allowed Wind Speed
Eave Connection
Galvanized steel insert
Frame Material
Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum 6061/T6
Cover Material
Double Coated Polyester Textile,650g-850g/m2 Flame Retardant to Din4102B1,M2
Optional Accessories
PVC Window,Glass door,Anchoring,Rain Gutter, ABS wall, Sandwich Wall System, Glass Walling System, Lining And Curtain, Flooring System, Weight Plate

About The Optional Accessories


About the Practical Using


How to install ABS wall in big tent?

Let's through the tent installation video to learn more.


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