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tent for sports
Release time:2012-8-9,  Visits : 314

Such as for Olympic game, World Cup and Commonwealth game . more and more party tents( clear span,marquee) and pagoda tent ,

frame tent are as temporary building,stadium and stall. They can be set up and taken down in several hours. Also they can be

equiped lights, water, electrical power and other furnitures and necessary equipments. also these tents can hold serious storm

and wind loading 100km/h.



But meaningwhile,The safety is very important and first for these big games. Even any small problem maybe set the world on fire.

So the tent structure,the alumnum profile, the vinyl fabric the steel joints must be hight quality and inspected steady.

The small accessories: the pegs, nylon rope, the rubber strip, the rachet should keep high quality too. the manufacturing process

such as welding , anodizing oxidation, and galvanization need be skilled workers and steady inpection. It is a system project.



Our LPOUTDOORS provide party tents and pagoda tents for World Cup, Commomwealth Game, 2008 and 2012 Olymic game.

So the quality is trusted.



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