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Why is me?
Release time:2012-10-3,  Visits : 158

In last Sep, A  big Saudi Arabian customer visited several party tent manufactories around Guangzhou.

Then choose our party tent manufactory.  Our sales ask why choose our party tent ,the customer noted

(1) Your manufactory is Mid-scale, but all are for export. So all materials are with high  quality.

    Such as the accessories : Zipper, Velcro, Rubber strip, transparency PVC window, Rachet are similar quality

    as Germany Giants: Roder, Losbeger.

    The other two manufactories are bigger scale, but it looks they are focus on your china local event rental.

    Even the main materials are with high quality too, but the other small accessories are just so so.

(2) The finished tent looks good quality, such as the welding, the cutting, the polishing process are good.

(3) It is part or point that your party tent high quality , your salesman and your engineers

    are kind,thoughtful and good service . can provide the customized party tent and can give some good advice

    to let us make a correct decision.


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