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About tent accomodation
Release time:2012-9-24,  Visits : 185

Some fresh people always like to ask : What size of party tent can accomodate 300 persons?  how about 1000 persons? or 2000 persons?

Well, we give advice as below:

(1) For banuqet and wedding events, people are around table. it need limited 1.2 square meter per person.

    but for more than 300 persons, it need some secure ways, so it is better 1.5 square meter person.

    Also if with stage,  it is better 1.5 square meter per person or more.

(2) For conference, people just have seat, no table, it need limited 0.8 square peter per person.

    if with stage, it is better 1.0 square meter per person or more.

(3) For trade show.  it is difficult to be estimated. but for more than 300 persons, the lane should

    be about or more 2m width.

Hope the above information can help you to choose what proper size of tent?

ALso you can go http://www.lpoutdoors.com/contact.html to inquiry more.



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