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ABS solidewall and fiberglass wall
Release time:2012-9-8,  Visits : 246

In Last several years, We just provide 5mm fiberglass solidwalls and sandwitch solidwalls(50mm thickness, outer is 0.5mm steel panel, inner is

fiberglass stuff). The fiberglass can be UV resistant,  it won't be crisp in 5 years. and it is heat-resistant , it is better to save electrical

power if  the air conditions are equipped into party tent.


But the fiberglass panel is 100% made by manual, As the labor cost is increase about 20% per year. the fiberglass panel price has to increase

accordingly too. Also we found a modified ABS, it can be fire-retardant and UV-resitant too. it won't be crisp in  5years.


So we will take ABS solidwall to instead fiberglass wall.  The sample are in test process in these Months.

We will  put more photos for you reference in next Month.


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