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Detail spec  
How many persons? How much budget?         
Generally, it is 1.2to 1.5 square meters per person for event accomodation.         
Now  you can  choose what size from  http://www.lpoutdoors.com/products.html     
If with small budget, you can choose steel small party tent:          
Or portable tent from  http://www.lpoutdoors.com/products.html      
Different weather, different strucutre.        
If with serious storm, the tent structure should be strong.        
Please choose party tent:http://www.lpoutdoors.com/Party_tent.html        
If no serious storm ,please choose portable tent structure        
http://www.lpoutdoors.com/Frame_tent.html ,   http://www.lpoutdoors.com/Star_shade.html        
Different tradition, different style of party tent, different inner structure.        
Please choose what party tent accessories http://www.lpoutdoors.com/Party_tent_accessories.html        
Please choose what event tent accessories http://www.lpoutdoors.com/Stanchion.html        
 Event tent is customized ,You can inquiry to confirm all details with us.

Want lower price if with big quantity? please inquiry now!
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