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 Alum frame tent
Detail spec  

Item  width  Length  eave height ridge height Bay space Frame+cover
Frame Tent 3x3 3m  (10') 3m (10') 2.5m (8.3') 4.2m  (14') 3m US$594
Frame Tent 4x4 4m  (13.3') 4m (13.3') 2.5m (8.3') 4.8m  (16') 4m US$720
Frame Tent 5x5 5m  (16.6') 5m (16.6') 2.5m (8.3') 5.0cm (16.6') 5m US$870
Frame Tent  6x6 6m  (20') 6m (20') 2.5m (8.3') 5.2m  (17.3') 6m US$998
Frame Tent  8x8 8m  (26.6') 8m (26.6') 2.5m (8.3') 5.6m  ( 18.6') 4m US$1,699
Frame Tent 5x10 5m  (16.6') 10m (33.2') 2.5m (8.3') 5.0m   (16.6') 5m US$1,419
Frame Tent 6x12 6m  (20') 12m (40') 2.5m (8.3') 5.2m  (17.3') 6m US$1,720
Remark: (1) MOQ: 3sets
              (2) Payment term:  T/T, L/C, Paypal, West Union
              (3) Shipping Style:  By  sea or by air.
              (4) Delivery time:   10~20days

Aluminum profile     high pressed extrued aluminum alloy 6061-T6,Dia 62x2.5mm,  Anodized 
Steel parts   hot-dipped galvanized , Passed 144 hour of salt spraying test   
  Raw material
Top roof fabric    550g/sqm(16 Ounce) laminate Vinyl, waterproof , fire retardant M2
                          UV protection, and Rotproof.  Blackout
Side  panels  (1)  550g/sqm(16 Ounce) laminate Vinyl, waterproof , fire retardant M2
                                  UV protection, and Rotproof.  Translucence.
                          (2) With 120x170cm transparency PVC windows , or without.
  Option Accessories
Optional  Acessories  Grass anchors, lining, light
Loading Specification
Wind  loading:          80km/hour
Snow loading:       0.3kn/square meter

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